• The nursery school “Mons. L. Zanellato”

    The nursery school of Costozza is big and cheerful. It is located in the center of town near the hills which are situated among vineyards.

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  • The activities we propose 

    The goals set for the continual growth of the children are:

    – To know oneself and who we are

    – Self reliance

    – Competency

    – An awareness of citizenship

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  • Our service

    The lunch service

    Early and late

    Our Teachers

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  • The projects

    Welcome Continuity

    Psychomotor Activities, English Class Music Laboratory

    Parents Formation

    Field Trps and Excursions

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If you wish to visit us, please call 0444 555143 to make an appointment.

Below you will also find the registration form.

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